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Vision, Mission & Core Values



Dr. Ashraf Kamel - Urologist, German Medical CenterGerman Medical Center is a Dubai-based specialized healthcare facility with remarkable staff committed to providing top-notch medical services and ensuring a satisfactory experience for our patients.

By specializing in Orthopedics, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Urology, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Preventive Medicine, Physiotherapy and beyond, all within a single, clinically-integrated network, our medical professionals reform all vital aspects of your healthcare.

We take pride in what we do and we live by our mission. We strive tirelessly to boost awareness about the value of adopting healthy lifestyles, aiming to enhance the health of our community.

Thank you so much for visiting our website, you are most welcome to explore it and learn more about German Medical Center, the services we offer to our patients and our community, and how we can serve you; our most valued person.



Dr. Ashraf Kamel, MD
Urology Surgeon
Medical Director
Founder of German Medical Center


    As a part of AVIVO Group, our vision is to become the most trusted and leading healthcare provider by offering un-paralleled standards of care to our patients according to highest international standards.


    “Touching Lives through Quality Healthcare Delivery.”

    We ensure that every touch of tender loving care, whether from Physicians, Nurses, Technicians or Support staff is an experience that patients will appreciate and cherish.

    It is our mission to provide high quality and compassionate healthcare services through empathy and warmth by partnering with patients, their families, physicians, employees and the communities we serve.It is our commitment to ensure that those who require our services receive unmatched care from our highly-qualified physicians and other medical staff.


    We at AVIVO Group understand that the mission and vision are only achievable when we embody the Values of Integrity, Leadership, Respect, Commitment, Teamwork and Care in everything we do. We treat this as the backbone to providing the range and level of services our patients deserve.

    Respect: Although we are all different, providing the finest standards of healthcare is a common objective. We value individuality and show dedication in administering maximum care to all patients.

    Commitment: We pledge to dedicate every resources we have to fulfilling our promise of driving innovation, as well as delivering exceptional service to our patients.

    Teamwork: Providing the highest level of service requires harmonious teamwork. Collaboration towards achieving our mission and vision occurs every day and during every patient interaction.

    Care: Care means being accountable for what we do, how we do it and always being ready to help.

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At German Medical Center

We strive to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and sound treatment plan tailored specifically for your health needs. Our patient-centered philosophy encompasses educating patients about their treatment options; whether it is nonsurgical, minimally-invasive, or surgical.

In addition to be equipped with some of the advanced medical equipment, the center is supported by our dedicated team of caring, experienced and professional medical and supportive administrative staff.

We assure you of a continuum of medical care; our visiting professors are supported by an in-house team of consultants and specialists responsible for the follow-up of your medical care to ensure that the management plan set by your treating doctor is fully executed and that you are enjoying a speedy recovery to the best of your satisfaction.

You will experience the compassionate, caring and considerate nature of all our medical and supporting staff throughout the diagnostic and treatment journey. This is our pledge to you.


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    Urology & Andrology

    Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Male Infertility, Urinary Tract Malignancy, Male Incontinence…

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    Carpal tunnel syndrome, achilles tendon injury, hip pain, chronic knee pain, shoulder and elbow, neck and spine…

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    Obstetrics & Gynaecology

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    General Surgery

    Hemorrhoids, Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Pilonidal Sinus, Hand Surgery, Varicose Veins, In-growing toenail, laser treatment…

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    Internal Medicine

    Acute disease, chronic illness, diabetes, allergy and immunology, hypertension, cardiovascular medicine…

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    Sprains and strains, back and neck pain, joint arthritis and Fibromyalgia, sports injuries, spine rehabilitation…

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