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18Oct, 2017

حصوات الكليه

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حصوات الكليه هي عبارة عن تكدس المعادن المذابة على بطانة الكلية تتكون الحصوات بالغالب من المكونات التالية: Uric acid Calcium phosphate Calcium oxalate أو خليط من هذه المكونات     الأسباب تتكون حصوات الكلية نتيجة زيادة تركيز المكونات المكونة للحصى في البول و هذا يكون ناتج عن زيادة افراز هذه المكونات من الكلية أو هنالك قلة في كمية الأدرار. و أيضا تتكون الحصاة نتيجة نقص في تركيز المواد المانعة لتكوين الحصاة في الأدرار. هنالك عوامل و حالات مرضية تساعد على تكوين الحصى و من بين ذلك نوع الغذاء الذي يكون […]

28Jun, 2017

Fascinating Benefits of Cucumber

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Cucumbers are extremely beneficial for overall health, especially during the summer since they are mostly made of water and important nutrients that are essential for the human body. We bet you had no idea that this ordinary vegetable is an excellent ally to your health. Read the following to get to know about some of the amazing health benefits of cucumber, and you will eat it every day:     Maintain a healthy weight Cucumbers are very low in calories, yet they constitute a filling snack (one cup of sliced […]

13May, 2017

Decoding the taboo… For Gents ONLY!

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Since the discovery that the drug sildenafil – originally a heart drug – had an effect on men’s potency, there was a global awareness that erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common medical condition ever since. So many men who suffer a problem with their sexual performance are too reluctant to talk to their doctor, because of embarrassment and some take it as a shameful thing to discuss. Nevertheless, the recent breakthroughs in medicine have discovered numerous medical and psychological explanations for erectile dysfunction, including the likelihood of serious underlying […]

2May, 2017

Vaginal itching doesn’t have to be as awful as it is

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Being a woman is not easy as there a lot of uncomfortable and embarrassing health conditions they have to go through sometimes like vaginal itching, burning and sense of dryness. Itching or irritation anywhere on the body can cause discomfort. But when it occurs in an area as sensitive as the vagina and vulva, it can be particularly uncomfortable. When you are itchy “down there,” there is no end to the misery and discomfort. Vaginal itching is enough to drive anyone insane. It’s miserable, but you can’t scratch, especially not […]

24Apr, 2017

Regular Pap Smears: a matter of life or..!

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My dear lady, regular preventative care is one of the most important ways to maintain your health over time. If you wait to see your doctor only when you notice a problem, it may be too late. Cervical cancer screening is especially important for women’s health. Unlike with breast cancer, there isn’t anything you can do at home to help detect cervical cancer. It poses as much of a threat to the lives of women in the UAE as throughout the world; an important health and economical concern. It became […]

22Apr, 2017

How to Decode Your Discharge — and When to Worry?

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Your vagina may be considered your second pair of lips, but this doesn’t mean you can always understand what it`s trying to tell you. Vaginal discharge is one of the main ways your body attempts to convey critical health information to you; such as vaginal pH imbalance, anticipation, arousal, or infection! Most women find changes in vaginal discharge distressing. However, vaginal discharge is a common occurrence among women, and mostly it’s a normal phenomenon representing a healthy way for your body to get rid of fluid and old cells and […]