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Man’s Health Center

Man's Health Expert

Nowadays, more and more men are taking an active role in health issues specific to them. Consequently, more diseases are being detected and treated in earlier stages, which is great news for all involved.

And now men can take advantage of the GMC Man`s Health Center; a male wellness center created by men, for men. We offer you a strictly personal and confidential environment exclusively designed for men’s health care needs.


One-stop resource for an elite and comprehensive care

When you find yourself suffering from any type of male health problems, it can have a deep negative impact on your nerves, life and relationships. Here at German Medical Center Man’s Health Center, we fully understand how these types of problems can affect your self-esteem, your health, and your personal life. Our ultimate goal is to make benefit of our advanced medical technology and treatments in our clinic to boost your life for the better. Please call us today to learn more … Your privacy is guaranteed!

What makes us unique?

What really stands us apart from others is that our Man’s Health Program incorporates a multidisciplinary approach to treatment that provides you with the expertise of various medical professionals under the same roof.

From urology and preventive cardiology to diabetes management as well as bone & joint health, our program is designed to provide you with a broad and preventative approach to your health.

The center mirrors the growing trend in men’s health of progressively shifting from treatment with the necessity of medications in response to illness, to one that encourages preventative actions and lifestyle modifications for a healthy life.


Your initial evaluation

Your initial evaluation begins by meeting our expert Urologist who has extensive experience in men’s health. After the initial evaluation, you will be required to visit our Internist who will be welcoming you warmly and conducting a friendly conversation about your general health and a through clinical examination to rule out the presence of any medical problem that could be the reason for your presenting complaint. In case of need for further investigations (e.g. laboratory, radiology), it will be done during the same setting. The center has its own diagnostic services in order to reduce waiting times and minimize the number of patient visits, including:

  • Ultrasound
  • Specialized laboratory testing
  • Urological screening tests


We know that your time is precious, that is why we have fashioned a cycle that gets you in and out of the doctor’s clinic fast. The collaborative model of our program allows us to deliver all-inclusive care, diagnostics and treatments for our patients from highly efficient physicians specializing in men’s health.



Full range of health services for men

At German Medical Center, our experts care for men at all stages of life. We have a comprehensive range of inter-connected services designed to address your health concerns, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease prevention
  • Hypercholesterolemia
  • Erectile dysfunction and other male potency concerns
  • Prostate diseases (prostatitis, enlarged prostate, prostate cancer)
  • Low male hormone level & decreased male desire
  • Fertility problems
  • Bone, joints and spine health



The Bowel Cancer is on the second place of all Cancers affecting Men and Women. It is growing very slowly from a small Polyp in around 5-10 years. Compared to other Cancers it’s prevention is relatively easy, by detecting these small polyps and removing it. The easy procedure for this endoscopic approach is called Colonoscopy. We recommend to perform this Colonoscopy after the 40th year of age, every five years.


NLS- Non-Linear Vector Screening

This investigation is able to give you an overview about the health state of your body, so you can embrace prophylactic measures for a healthy and good life. This screening takes around 10 minutes and we give you written recommendation for further investigations and behavior.