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Patient Testimonials


The German Medical Centre is the gold standard in treating of male fertility. After repeated misdiagnosis and failed treatments by several clinics for 1 year, GMC Urology experts correctly diagnosed my condition almost immediately. It was clear from then that they are highly skilled and knowledgeable - collaborating closely with each other and with a genuine interest in solving my individual case.
Now I am beyond surprised and grateful to report that even with severe fertility issues and after only 6 months after a painless surgery - in their expert hands and medication, I am well on my way back to normal fertility parameters.

To my family and myself Urology team in the German Medical Centre are all heroes. To everyone else I say look no further - you have found the best of the best.

Been a pleasure dealing with Dr. Bayer. He was sincere and upfront in his recommendations and I would regard him as a very competent individual.
For a first time customer, so far so good with the Urology doctor and staff support.
Professional and friendly medical staff.
I suggest adding more diagnostic centers that accept the same insurance that the clinic deals with.
I really appreciate all the hard work, the proper follow up, help and patience to deal with our problems. I most appreciate the Physiotherapy Department and especially Miss Sheila. She has a talent in dealing with patients and she helped me a lot and now my pain is less due to her patients and recommendations.
Thank you for everything.
Simply Professional attitude towards me and following up before and after the surgery was very good/Excellent! All the staff of the Clinic is really friendly and professional.
In conclusion, the experience I had was very good and I will definitely recommend you for anyone who asks for advice, treatments for similar cases.
All the best!
Having problem with varicocele, I decided to take an appointment with the Urologist in German Medical Center, who informed me that a microsurgery needs to be done.
One week after the surgery, I can say that the whole experience in the German Medical Center was extremely pleasant, the staff always welcoming with a big smile, ready to help in any way possible, the doctor made me comfortable towards the surgery from day one, and this is after consulting three other doctors in different clinics, the surgery went smoothly, went home the same day, felt uncomfortable the first three days but nothing that can`t be managed and doctor provided me with his mobile number in case there was anything I needed to ask him.
Dr. Ridwan was quite welcoming. He listened to my problem attentively and gave his full time to discuss it over. As my first impression, he was a highly qualified doctor and I am sure that the treatment will go well too.
K. V. T.
I would like to extend my sincere thanks to my successful prostate surgery and I was a little worried when they prescribed physiotherapy for 15 days due my business commitments in Dubai. I am grateful that they have considered my concerns and referred me to the German Medical Center in Dubai. At first, I was a bit skeptical about the service but once I undergone treatment it was way beyond my expectation. The service was professional and facilities were world-class.
I would like to give special thanks to Ms. Sheila - Physiotherapist, for her excellent service and care that had played significant role in my recovery.

I, once again, would like to extend heartfelt thanks for your fantastic care.

Yours sincerely

Dear team of German Medical Center
Please be informed that I have taken several sessions physiotherapy with Sheila, so after that I feel much better than before .Therefore I decided to send this email to thank All your friendly staff with special thank to Sheila which I think She is qualified and excellent physiotherapist.

Best regards

Everybody is very friendly and the physiotherapy is effective and I feel much better.
I can feel that very close to recover fully and not just on my back but in my previous surgery as well.
Help was very really good. I am feeling much better now. Sheila is very friendly and cooperative. She knows her work very well. She always behind us to make sure I don’t miss appointment. I'll always recommend my colleagues and friends to come to GMC if they need any kind of Physiotherapy.
K.S.S, S.J.A.
My husband and I were very happy with German Medical Center. All staff was friendly and well-organized, excited and pleasant. Prof. Ralf Herwig explained in detail diagnosis and following treatment. We had a good experience with Dr. Herwig in general. We will recommend Dr. Herwig to our friends and family. We are very satisfied with German Medical Center. Thank you.
In my experience at the German Medical Center in the treatment of my mother, I felt their care and attention to every detail belonging to the patient as well as their readiness, from visiting doctors or permanent staff, and the latest medical equipment Therefore, I advise those with health problems, especially diseases of the joints, to seek the help of the center, visit them for consultation or proper medical treatment.
Dear German Medical Center Team,

This is to express my gratitude and thanks for your excellent work during my surgery that I had with Dr. Zimmerman.
I barely have scars left 🙂

Also, my thanks to your team for making sure that I was comfortable for my surgery and post op recovery.
The front office staff namely Shaikha and Janille were extremely efficient with regards to my appointments and all insurance related issues.
I applaud the techniques provided by your physiotherapist - Sheila.
I have visited so many medical centers for physiotherapy services but Sheila has so far surpassed knowledge and expertise in patient care.
It would be great to see future expansion in that field for GMC.

Again, my warmest thanks to your team and look forward to completing the remaining leg of my recovery.


I feel my health is much more improved in comparison with the same experience I had in other hospitals, I have to say the process here is different and very professional, wise and systematic; they give the needful time for treatment and best care.
I hope you will keep on the same standards and wish you all the best!
Thank you all!
I was very down when I came to the clinic and even was crying. I saw a urology doctor, he talked to me about my health problem and gave me hope that everything would be fine, it was just a matter of time, and with patience I would feel better, even though my problem was not easy at all. He promised to be in touch with me and kept following my case.
Dear Dr. Bayer,
I wanted to thank you for all of your kindness and care of me during my issue. I have loved coming to see you, as you always have a big smile on our face and time to listen and explain. I have appreciated your sensitivity and calm reassurance more than you can know.

Best regards,

Experience was positive. Listened to all details and made several recommendations to narrow down root of the issue.
It was great experience to be treated by Dr. Ralf Herwig. His expertise and understanding of the core of the issue was immediate. His confidence with the treatment made me feel better. During procedure he suggested to use quality medication and the whole experience was professional, candid and very effective. The whole crew including Dr. ElKhouly was excellent.
Issue: Visited Dr. Ashraf and he advised me to have a check up with Dr. Ralf. And, I was recommended to have surgery, which worked our very well for me. The surgery has been done and today I feel much better. All staff is very good and I wish all the best to the clinic!