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The Prostate Center

“Everyone here lives and breathes man's health,
and in particular all that goes on around the prostate..”

Dr. Ashraf Kamel - Medical Director

The Prostate Center is GMC’s state-of-the-art medical service. It is dedicated to the diagnosis and management of all prostate problems and urological ailments.

Well established over the past 16 years as a center of excellence for man’s health, The Prostate Center is a unique outpatient facility offering expert assessment, diagnosis and management of all prostate-related problems. The Prostate Center`s mission is not only to make you well, but also to help you take control of your own health, beyond medical treatment and for a healthy future.




Men usually seek the expertise of GMC Prostate Center for one of the following reasons:

  • They may be concerned about some developing symptoms related to their urinary tract and wish to have it investigated
  • They may already know what is the reason behind their symptoms and want to discuss treatment choices
  • They may be in need for a second opinion
  • They may be feeling completely healthy, but for sake of reassurance, they simply have the right mindset to get their prostate health checked.


To sum it up, whether you have a prostate problem or even you would just like to have a prostate check- up, the Prostate Center is the right place to come to.