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Naturopathy Department




Allergies, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart-Circulation, Weight problems, Pain, Stomach-Intestines, Lack of memory… -are just some of the unfortunately most common complaints in the Gulf Region.

Finally after regular attempts to control or to get rid of complaints through lots of conventional medicine have failed, the Alternative Medicine offers new options.

Scientific substantiated Alternative Medicine is known to often help in chronic complaints as well as in cases where one generally prefers to use natural cure.


But what is the particular thing about healing with nature?

Many experienced practitioners developed their own proven system over the years compiling different methods for healing using points of views where the patient is regarded as a whole and not only the symptoms.

Among them is the German Darya Homayounfar, Doctor of Complementary and Alternative Medicine from Munich, Germany.

Doctor Homayounfar since 1994 instructed Doctors in Alternative Medicine, scientifically researched for suitable healing plants and successfully treated his patients. Consulting Harvard Medical University in Boston USA for cancer therapies for the Dubai University Hospital since 2004, in 2007 he lost two relatives from cancer which changed his life. As a result he followed the enquiry to stay permanent for projects and patients in the Dubai Healthcare City.

In the German Medical Center Doctor Homayounfar is leading the Alternative Medicine Department and treats patients holistically from the whole Gulf Region.

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A closer look into his work can explain his system of Alternative Medicine:

Already the first consultation easily can take more than an hour to explore the often various medical records. Like in a puzzle even the smallest piece can be the key to a successful treatment. The next step of  Doctor Homayounfars philosophy is to carefully examine the patient in all fields of the conventional western medicine from head to toe.

The result of this diagnostic shows him how the system of the patient actually works and why it is not working like it should. Here starts the next step: The natural cure.

As one part of the cure Doctor Homayounfar individually composes natural medicinal plants used for 5000 years to activate diverse enzyme functions and metabolic processes for the healing processes. The origin of all modern medicine are plants –even the chemotherapy for cancer in the first place was developed from mushrooms and plants e.g.

Over several weeks his patients drink individually arranged plant mixtures to keep a constant healing level in the body.

The other part consists of individual various natural treatments supporting the cure as a whole -success control is also done by examination follow-up checks.

All this is rounded by a dialogue at the appointments with the patient to find and show new ways for the individual comfort one lives, because often discontentment and stress prevent the body to be balanced and healthy.

With his individual and intensive cures Doctor Homayounfar is able to achieve results for a wide range of complaints, because here Natural Medicine is used to regenerate and balance the whole system of the body long-term.



naturopathy-content-img2The climate in the Arabic region demands the skin to pay tribute. Skin aging is accelerated. Another option of Alternative Medicine are the capabilities to turn back the clock and to rejuvenate naturally.


ANTI – AGING CREAM – custom-built from your OWN CELLS:

The healing cream customized just for you reduces wrinkles, lightens dark circles around the eyes and dark spots, tightens pores, makes inflammations disappear, improves the overall skin texture.
Your skin regains its youthful strength and charm – a velvet smooth skin.

Doctor Homayounfar developed and applies his patented, customized healing creams since 1994 in patients as recovery besides his natural skin treatments.


Another example is Doctor Homayounfar’s treatments for damaged skin conditions which offer as one “side effect” the filling of wrinkles / acne scars / pigmentation with the patients own blood. By means of a laboratory process which he is doing by himself the blood will become a long-lasting, elastic, endogenous natural material. Naturally -without any artificial substances.

This system was originally developed in maxillofacial surgery. Since 1994 Doctor Homayounfar refined it for the treatment of filling wrinkles, acne scars, pigmenation and with patients which were allergic to the conventional artificial materials. The blood material agglutinates with the conjunctive tissue in the skin and remains for around one year with some proportions remaining permanent.


These small examples show that the capabilities lying in Nature seem almost unlimited
–when carried out by an experienced and competent practitioner.