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PT Sheila J. De Luna


Sheila Marie De Luna - Physiotherapist - German Medical Center


“I feel my health is much more improved in comparison with the same experience I had in other hospitals, I have to say the process here is different and very professional, wise and systematic; they give the needful time for treatment and best care. I hope you will keep on the same standards and wish you all the best! Thank you all!”

– S.K. Dubai UAE

“Help was very really good. I am feeling much better now. Sheila is very friendly and cooperative. She knows her work very well. She always behind us to make sure I don’t miss appointment. I’ll always recommend my colleagues and friends to come to GMC if they need any kind of Physiotherapy.”

– F.H. Dubai UAE

“I really appreciate all the hard work, the proper follow up, help and patience to deal with our problems. I most appreciate the Physiotherapy Department and especially Miss Sheila. She has a talent in dealing with patients and she helped me a lot and now my pain is less due to her patients and recommendations. Thank you for everything. ”

– R.A. Dubai UAE

Sheila Marie J. De Luna

Physical Therapist


  • Sports and musculoskeletal injury management and prevention
  • Functional strength and conditioning
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Stretching, mobilizing and manipulative techniques.
  • Neck and back disorders
  • Hip and knee disorders
  • Foot and ankle injuries, sprains/strains
  • Sports and automobile injuries
  • Shoulder pain
  • Arthritis
  • Neurological and Cardiovascular condition (stroke)


Ms. Sheila is the new addition to our team of specialists in German Medical Center. She has a bachelor’s degree in Physical Therapy with over 15 years of professional experience as a Physiotherapist. She worked for 6 years in Specialized Medical Center Hospital, a Canadian Accredited Standard in Saudi Arabia. She was issued a Saudi Council Medical License by Saudi Commission for Health Specialties in Riyadh in 2010. She also is a Licensed Physiotherapist by Dubai Healthcare city with 3 years of experience working in BR Medical Suites NMC.

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She graduated in the year 1999 in AGO Medical Educational Center, College of Medicine in the Philippines. She began her career as a Physiotherapist in the year 2000 in Patient Physical Therapy and Wellness Center in the Philippines. She later on become a senior Physical Therapist in Sorsogon Doctors Hospital from the year 2002 to 2005.

She then furthered her career in Saudi Arabia where she worked in one of the leading Medical Center in the country as Physiotherapist / Physiotherapy Technician from 2008 until 2012. Later on moved to Dubai from 2013 up to present continuing her patient professional health care service and participated in lots of advance trainings and seminars:

  • Cardiology & Cardio-thoracic Surgery update
  • Recent advances in Obstetrics, Gynecology & Neonatology 2015
  • Recent advances in Neuro – Psychiatry 2015
  • Recent updates in Urocare 2015
  • Latest surgical technique March 2016
  • 5th Niennial Emirates Physiotherapy Conference May 2016
  • Advance training in Bioelectrical Acceleration Management
  • Training in Inverse Ultrasound Osmosis (Cavitation)
  • Medical Management Dubai, UAE 2013
  • Vela Smooth (Cellulite Reduction, Slimming Treatment, Body Contouring)